The Pricing Differences for Car Painting in Johnson County

by | Nov 28, 2017 | Auto Repair

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When the automotive finish of a vehicle begins to wear down, this is typically a sign of age, and this is when people start looking for another vehicle. For people that like their vehicle or who are looking to restore a classic vehicle, the option for Car Painting is Johnson County is something to think about.

Price Differences

When a person looks at an automotive painting, they are likely to see a number of prices, and it’s important to understand what a car owner gets with the different prices for automotive painting. Knowing the services involved under the condition of the finish of the car that is being repainted is crucial.

A Basic Paint Job

The most affordable paint jobs typically cost anywhere from $300-$900. This type of paint job almost always uses a single stage enamel paint. This paint provides a new glossy finish and is typically used for vehicles with auto finishes that only need a bit of refreshing.

A Step Up

For a bit more money, a paint job using a urethane paint rather than an enamel paint is often prescribed. The urethane paint is a bit more durable than enamel paint, thus the higher cost. Also, these paint jobs may come with a limited three-year warranty.

A Premium Painting Service

For an even more professional looking paint job, a two-stage application is often what people choose. This includes a glossy finish that is color matched to the exact color of the original automotive finish and a urethane sealer to further protect the finish. These paint jobs cost even more money and typically come with a five-year warranty.

Going Beyond Premium

The last type of paint job is similar to the previous premium paint job. The difference is that these painting services also comprehensively prep the body with the removal of dents, rust, and other damages and they add a complete coat of primer before the automated finish is applied.

There are many options when it comes to Car Painting in Johnson County. If you’d like to learn a bit more about the various facets of automotive painting or you want to schedule an appointment to have your vehicle repainted, you may want to Click here.

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